I would like to modify the qubes-iso (add a different kernel, maybe add
a wireless driver). Did someone here solve that already? A brief google
on the subject reveals that modifying ISO's is not straightforward ...
and touching the kernel may add extra difficulties.

https://www.qubes-os.org/doc/qubes-iso-building/ covers building the iso.
Adding a different kernel would be difficult, but I think you could stage
the wireless driver in one of the template builds it contains.

It is relatively easy to build a custom iso, and certainly to include
alternate kernel builds and drivers in the templates. (I assume that
this is what you want.)
If you use the stock templates, then you can customise them simply
enough by adjusting the build parameters, and packages, in (e.g.) 

Thank you, awokd and unman. So I cannot just take the std installer,
unpack the iso, add/replace a kernel, and repack it? That is certainly a
bit naïve as approach, but since I can do the same with a working
xen/qubes why is the installer so different?  Bernhard

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