On 9/24/21 10:29 PM, Andrew David Wong wrote:
Dear Qubes Community,

Due to excessive spam, we have changed the posting policy for our mailing lists. All mailing lists now require users to subscribe before they'll be able to post. (A Google account is still *not* required to subscribe or post to any of our mailing lists; see below.)

Since the qubes-devel list has already had this policy for a long time, no changes have been made to the way qubes-devel behaves. Rather, this change simply brings all the other mailing lists (qubes-users, qubes-project, and qubes-translation) in line with qubes-devel's existing behavior.

For information about how to subscribe and post to the mailing lists, please see: https://www.qubes-os.org/support/#mailing-lists

Please note: There is a common misconception that a Google account is required to interact with the Qubes mailing lists. This is not true. Many people simply assume that a Google account is required when they see "@googlegroups.com" or try to interact with the Google Groups web interface. A Google email address is not required. Any email address will do. The Google Groups web interface is also not required for viewing these mailing lists on the web, as there are traditional mail archives you can use instead. (See the page linked above for links and further details.)

Unfortunately, the spammer(s) are now subscribing their spam addresses to qubes-users in order to continue sending spam here. We can ban them from the member list, but by that time, it's already too late, and they can simply use a different email address every time. Therefore, I've further changed the qubes-users policy so that all posts from new members are moderated. This means that posts from new members must be manually approved before they'll be received by the rest of the list's members. This change applies only to qubes-users (for now).

Andrew David Wong
Community Manager
The Qubes OS Project

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