On 10/11/21 14:07, Rusty Bird wrote:
Steve Coleman:
> I seem to have an intermittent problem when my backup scripts are running
> late at night.

> My qubesd is apparently being shutdown (sent a sigterm signal) by systemd > during my long running backup sessions which then causes an eof pipe close > exception and qvm-backup then receives a socket exception and immediately > receives a second exception while still handling the first exception, thus > the qvm-backup process gets forcibly terminated mid stream. Just prior to
> the qubesd shutdown I can clearly see that systemd had also
> shutdown/restarted the qubes memory manager (qubes-qmemman) too.

> Q: What kind of background maintenance processing would actually require
> qubesd or the memory manager to be restarted?

It's crond running logrotate. Fixed in R4.1 but not yet in R4.0:

> Q: Could this processing be put on hold during backups?

I always sandwich backup runs between 'systemctl stop crond' and
'systemctl start crond'.


I was hoping for an answer like that. In my case the system will be shutting down after the unattended backup completes, so this is actually twice as easy!



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