Very excited to try Qubes on a shiny new system.  It looks like exactly what I have wanted for quite some time--a way to run most everything in its own VM.  I have done this in an incomplete and somewhat naive fashion using VMware Workstation (on Ubuntu) for a number of years, but it is inefficient both in terms of resources and how difficult it is to administer.  Qubes looks perfect for me.

Unfortunately, the install is hanging, and I would like some pointers on how to proceed.  I am aware my system is not on the HCL, but it is a well regarded (if recent) motherboard.  I am willing to invest some time to figure things out and maybe get it on the HCL.  While I'm fairly computer savvy, I haven't spent any time with Xen before.

I have tried both Qubes 4.0.4 and 4.1rc1.  Failure mode is the same in both cases.

What happens is that I get a whole bunch of information scrolling past me (I don't know how to capture this).  The messages go by really fast--I don't seem to see any errors--then I get a memory map followed by a message that Dom0 has all of the processors available, and there is a pause.  I believe at this point the system attempts to switch from text mode to graphics mode.  What happens is that the screen goes blank and stays that way.

Given my guess that this is somehow related to the switch from text mode to graphical mode, it may be significant to note that I happen to have two NVIDIA RTX GPU's on the system; the first one in the PCI chain is a 3070, and other is a 3090.  I have enabled IOMMU in the BIOS as I am planning to run GPU passthru under some form of Linux--hopefully Qubes.

I have verified that the installation media is good by using it on a different machine where I do get to the graphical installer.

Thank you for an assistance you can provide.


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