Shadow Wolf:
Hi.  I'm trying to install Qubes on my laptop, but everytime I load the USB
drive it spawns a bunch of text followed by a blank screen.  I tried
partitioning the ISO at 4 GB as recommended by the trouble shooting page,
but sadly, no luck.  I have pictures of the text I took with my phone, but
unfortunatly, they are a bit blurry and need a bit of close up to see the
text properly since the picture is a bit blurry.     Because of their size
I can't yet upload both.  Instead I uploaded the first  [image:

Update your BIOS if you haven't already, and check if VT-d is enabled in BIOS settings. Also, sometimes it can help to see what workarounds others with similar models have had to do in the HCL ( Don't see any Dell G5s, but maybe compare against other Dell models from the same time-frame.

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