Qubes manager version:  qubes-manager-4.1.19-1.fc32.noarch  .

Start qube automatically on boot:
On a normal default app qube based on a template, either fedora or debian, 
either running or not running.
  1)  Highlight the qube I want to get to open automatically on boot in the 
Qubes manager.
  2)  Click on the 'Qube Settings' cog button and the manager opens to the 
'Basic' page.
  3)  Click to check the 'start qube automatically on boot' box, the check 
mark appears.
  4)  Click on 'Apply'.  The system working icon appears, the change looks 
to be working but then the check mark disappears.
  5)  Click on 'OK' and the manager window closes,  the desired change has 
not happened.

  However if I click on just the 'OK' button the change is saved correctly.

  Or, if I don't give up so easily and try checking the 'start qube 
automatically on boot' again, then clicking 'Apply' again, then 'OK', the 
change is saved.

  I have done this many times in writing this and the behaviour seems to 
continue with the 'start qube automatically on boot', action.  However the 
same thing was happening with saving a networking selection but that has 
mostly corrected itself:

  The networking selection - as above but changing a qube's networking 
choice, from, eg.  'sys-vpn' to 'firewall' - was doing the same behaviour 
as above.
  But now it looks like the action will not be saved - I make a selection,  
the 'networking' menu shows the 'sys-vpn (current)', option.
  I choose 'firewall', and click 'Apply'.
  The 'system-working' icon appears.
  The 'system-working' icon disappears and the selection I made - 
'firewall', reverts to 'sys-vpn'.  So it appears my action failed.
  But when I click, 'OK', the change has successfully happened.

  Thank you, and I'm loving 4.1.

On Friday, 5 November 2021 at 00:46:42 UTC marm...@invisiblethingslab.com 

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> On Thu, Nov 04, 2021 at 03:16:22PM -0700, code9n wrote:
> > Note: Made a Tasket Qubes vpn support networking qube on Qubes 4.1 rc1 
> > which works efficiently as always but when I check the 'start qube 
> > automatically on boot' box in Qube Settings / manager gui it won't save 
> if 
> > I click on 'apply' first.
> > But it will save if I just check the box then click directly on 'OK'.
> Can you provide exact steps you've done? Which buttons and in which
> order you clicked? I just tried and clicking 'apply' just after
> selecting 'start qube automatically on boot' does save the setting for
> me.
> What qubes-manager package version you have, you can check it with 
> `rpm -q qubes-manager` command.
> - -- 
> Best Regards,
> Marek Marczykowski-Górecki
> Invisible Things Lab
> iQEzBAEBCAAdFiEEhrpukzGPukRmQqkK24/THMrX1ywFAmGEfuoACgkQ24/THMrX
> 1yxljQf9EVaX9aJGRaY7KPp8Zl+d4V01MSdoKLM0BsG0I1jiY++yLdBn+SlGCI6p
> OjklXd0RmhRfTF+wQ/PZ0UTF3UkccClgd8DQ4pIncQYQIfH190ZhRbsp2Fl5qGnZ
> O7NUZXJk/iH6/MZYu+rV9ydtaQd1yhhDgCI78p5HdrQkAjoOPy0xemEoQks1jHTY
> 3+UrKuC3qdWiNBNmfxNd88wvppbki9uDW8HRnCHcgYFdaYhYmHhnVpzY5IMTjVqs
> p+k+uiBnJ22KG2PqI7hgYJQdEThyLJdX3iNJbwscRGFNoxPlIY8qQSOCrnC1GARB
> M7535Ox00MkLtbTMjuncw9H76hSD8w==
> =YTsL

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