I've been trying to set up a StandAlone Qube to run a tor bridge/entry 
node/relay, but have met with tons of trouble and it seems there's basically no 
documentation on this. I've tried the instructions in 
 post, which allows for a working Tor connection, but doesn't allow the Qube to 
see the wider Tor network (meaning that it's essentially only my traffic over 
the bridge, which invalidates the purpose of running a bridge) and presumably 
has its own security issues. The error that indicates that this issue persists 
is the standard Tor, "Your server has not managed to confirm that its ORPort is 

I've tried the first and second section of 
 page to remedy - the first is included in the original instructions, the 
second was tried as I know relatively little about the network stack - but both 
failed. I also tried 
which I think is equivalent to the third section of the Qubes Firewall page. I 
tried `qubes-expose-port` both from the guest and from dom0. When run in dom0, 
it tells me I need to expose the physical networking device, as well, which I 
didn't know how to do (so perhaps it would work when run properly from dom0).

Finally, I tried to follow the [canonical Whonix 
 for this, but wasn't able to get past the second step in the instructions (I 
was unable to get libvirt working, which I assume is a Qubes thing).

Anyone have experience doing this/advice?

- gray

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