My setup: Qubes 4.1 running on a Framework Laptop, new Pixel 5 phone (with 
USB debugging enabled)

My goal: Use an AppVM to flash a custom ROM to the phone using `fastboot` 
(Android platform tools).

But I run into a problem almost immediately: I cannot attach the USB device 
to my AppVM.

>From a sys-usb terminal, I can see the Android device listed in the output 
of `lsusb`. However, from dom0 the device does not appear in the output of 
`qvm-usb` (or `qvm-device usb`) and is not in the dropdown list in the 
system tray.

Any ideas as to why Qubes does not recognize the Android device, and/or how 
I can get this working?

Note: I prefer not to run Android platform tools in sys-usb for the sake of 

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