Hello awokd,

awokd schrieb am Samstag, 20. November 2021 um 17:47:44 UTC+1:

> Viktor Ransmayr: 
> > I don't want to adjust the time for the two Whonix templates manually to 
> > the (wrong?) CET values, whenever an update is necessary. 
> > 
> > I don't think I had this issue with Whonix 15 & believe it only started 
> > with Whonix 16. 
> > 
> > Do you have any ideas or suggestions? 
> Check dom0's clockvm with "qubes-prefs" in a terminal. It's probably 
> sys-net. 

Yes it is. Here are the complete preferences:

    [vr@dom0 ~]$ qubes-prefs
    check_updates_vm          D  True
    clockvm                   -  sys-net
    default_dispvm            -  fedora-34-dvm
    default_kernel            -  5.4.143-1.fc25
    default_netvm             -  sys-firewall
    default_pool              D  lvm
    default_pool_kernel       -  linux-kernel
    default_pool_private      D  lvm
    default_pool_root         D  lvm
    default_pool_volatile     D  lvm
    default_qrexec_timeout    D  60
    default_shutdown_timeout  D  60
    default_template          -  fedora-34
    management_dispvm         -  default-mgmt-dvm
    stats_interval            D  3
    updatevm                  -  sys-firewall
    [vr@dom0 ~]$ 

Confirm the timezone and time are set correctly inside sys-net 
> (or your clockvm if different). 

Here are the results of 'timedatectl':

    [user@sys-net ~]$ timedatectl
                   Local time: Sat 2021-11-20 18:34:11 CET
               Universal time: Sat 2021-11-20 17:34:11 UTC
                     RTC time: Sat 2021-11-20 17:34:11
                    Time zone: Europe/Berlin (CET, +0100)
    System clock synchronized: no
                  NTP service: inactive
              RTC in local TZ: no
    [user@sys-net ~]$ 

If that doesn't do it, and you can 
> afford it, might try a fresh install of 4.1rc2, and making sure to set 
> the correct timezone on install. Hard to know which time zone setting is 
> incorrect. 

A check with / upgrade to  4.1rc2 is not an option for me. - At least not 
in November ...

With kind regards,


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