'awokd' via qubes-users wrote:

Are you currently running it, can you give any feedback?

Yes, running 4.1. Haven't tried gui or audio domains yet, but so far everything works fine. Think a couple people have run into no QWT being available for 4.1, but it's not something I need.

A couple of things I am not sure of doing a backup, fresh install of 4.1 rc2, and then restoring, is for example current templates, like Debian 10 as well as all the clones of this template for example and the customizations done to each. Is it possible to directly 'transfer' Templates via backup/restore method to 4.1 rc2. Does one need to perhaps install new qubes-specific-packages for new features/integration/or-the-like things to work. Or should everything pretty much work out the 'box'?

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