is ready for testing.  The description is below.

Things I would love to get addressed (of course, other suggestions and improvements welcome):

 * Permission system to allow certain folders to certain VMs (the
   argument in qrexec is sanitized, rendering it useless for that)
 * Persistent notification on tray that indicates a specific folder is
   exported to a certain VM
 * Performance improvements (large mounts from network shares can be
   very slow)
 * Security hardening (make check was disabled in the specfile because
   there are some issues I don't know how to fix, sadly)
 * UI for mount clients to configure certain mounts to be mounted upon
   start / list existing configured mountpoints and statuses and open
   file managers to these mountpoints

README and usage instructions follow.


# Inter-VM shared folders for Qubes OS

This package aims to solve the problem of inter-VM file sharing
(rather than manual copying) by allowing a VM to mount folders
from any other VM's file system (or mounted network shares).

This package contains:

* a Qubes OS `qrexec` service to serve folders from a qube
* a program to mount folders in a qube served from other qubes
* policy (for dom0) to permit or deny the process

## Usage

The following instructions assume that the qube which contains the
files you want to share is named `server` and the qube where you
want to access the files is named `client`.  They also assume you
successfully finished the one-time installation instructions below.

To mount `/home/user` from the `server` VM onto `/home/user/mnt`,
run the following on a terminal of `client`:

cd /home/user
mkdir mnt
qvm-mount-folder server /home/user mnt

At this point you will see an authorization message from dom0 asking
you if you really want to give `client` access to `server`'s files.
Note that the access is blanket read/write, and once given.

Authorize the access by confirming the name of the qube (`server` on
the dialog and continuing.

**Presto.**  You should be able to use a file manager, a terminal, or
any of your favorite applications to use files in `/home/user/mnt`
-- these files are all stored in `server` on folder `/home/user`.

To finish using it, run `sudo umount /home/user/mnt`.  Note that
currently, the connection remains open between `client` and `server`
even after unmounting, so the only way to sever the connection is
to power off one of the two qubes.

## Security considerations

* There is currently no way to control *which* folders of the server
  qube can be requested by client qubes.  In principle this should
  be doable because `diod` can export only a subtree of any file
  system hierarchy, but the next point needs to be addressed first.
* The connection remains open after unmounting.  This means that the
  client VM can in principle continue to access resources from the
  file system exported by `diod` before the unmount happened.

## Installation

First, build a [`diod`]( RPM package:

git clone
cd diod
./ && ./configure --prefix=/usr && make dist && rpmbuild -ts *tar.gz

Then, install this package on the template of the qube you plan to
*share your files from*.

Now build RPM packages for this software:

git clone
cd qubes-shared-folders
make rpm

Two RPMs will result:

1. `qubes-shared-folders-...noarch.rpm`
2. `qubes-shared-folders-dom0-...noarch.rpm`

Install the first one in the template of the qube you plan to
*share your files from*, as well as the template of the qube
you plan to *access your files in*.

Install the second one in dom0.  This package contains policy
(default `ask`) for the service.

Now shut down all involved qubes, to ensure the installation takes.
You don't need to shut down your computer or dom0.


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