I'm struggling with a disk space issue on my laptop, running Qubes 4.0 (up 
to date). I reached ~95% of the disk usage threshold, and no matter what I 
do I can't get it back to the pool.

Most of the disk space was allocated to a single VM (used to browse, 
download stuff etc.) so I deleted planty of data, and then did "fstrim -a 
-v" in the VM, expecting the disk space to be returned to the pool after a 
while. But that didn't happen - the disk usage is still reported as ~90%, 
but AFAIK it should be ~30%.

After a while (~24H) I even tried to delete the whole VM, but that didn't 
make any difference either.

So I wonder what to do - is there something wrong with the thin 
provisioning and the disk space is lost forever, or what? Any ideas?


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