On 12/20/21 3:37 AM, Oleg Artemiev wrote:
Re all.

I've slow disk on my qubes PC. Sometimes when I start VMs it tells
that it can't connect to qrexec & fails to start automatically - I've
to start again manually & then on the second time the disk reads
faster due to cache & it succeeds. Where can I change the timeout to
90 seconds or even more?


As I've been there, too (originally staring with an "USB stick" to run Qubes OS, I found out that it's way too slow. Then I tried on external USB-connected hardddisk, and it still was slow occasionally. Finally I bought an external USB case for an NVME SSD and a fast NVME SSD. I can only recommend that: It's *much* more fun using Qubes OS. VMs start in maybe 2-3 seconds instead of 30-40 seconds...

P.S.: I'm using an external drive for Qubes because I have filled my four harddisks with other stuff already, and a fifth harddisk would would have bee an organizational challenge with the desktop case I have.

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