> On 31 Dec 2021, at 23:42, IX4 Svs <ix4...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have been using Qubes 4.0.x on this laptop for some time with no major 
> issues (only sleep/wake doesn't work), so I thought I'd install 4.1-rc3 today.
> First impression is that most things work (good resolution to external 49'' 
> monitor, networking, USB mouse, USB camera and microphone) BUT there is 
> something wrong probably with the display driver that makes the GUI very 
> sluggish (it takes approx 3 seconds for the XFCE menu to highlight the menu 
> item over which the mouse pointer is, dragging a window redraws the window 
> with significant lag, I can type faster than the characters of this email can 
> be displayed in the browser window...) - which didn't happen with 4.0.4.

Hate to say this, but after a reboot the display lag issues are gone and the 
system is working well. Some sort of xconfig sorcery must have taken place in 
the background. Anyway. Happy user of 4.1-rc3 so far, even sleep and resume 
seems to work, which is a welcome improvement from 4.0.4 on this hardware.


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