After upgrading the following, I lost dns functionality in sys-firewall and 
all vms using sys-firewall.

Using tcpdump on sys-net, it does not seem to receive the dns query.

When I run `systemctl stop systemd-resolved` in an appvm, dns works again.

(I removed some clearly uninteresting packages)
 Package                            Arch   Version               Repo     
 babl                               x86_64 0.1.92-1.fc35         updates 
 533 k
 dhcp-client                        x86_64 12:4.4.3-2.fc35       updates 
 799 k
 dhcp-common                        noarch 12:4.4.3-2.fc35       updates 
 126 k
 evolution-data-server              x86_64 3.42.4-2.fc35         updates 
 2.2 M
 evolution-data-server-langpacks    noarch 3.42.4-2.fc35         updates 
 1.3 M
 gegl04                             x86_64 0.4.36-1.fc35         updates 
 3.0 M
 haveged                            x86_64 1.9.18-1.fc35         updates   
74 k
 libsolv                            x86_64 0.7.22-1.fc35         updates 
 403 k
 nspr                               x86_64 4.32.0-6.fc35         updates 
 137 k
 nss                                x86_64 3.77.0-1.fc35         updates 
 691 k
 nss-softokn                        x86_64 3.77.0-1.fc35         updates 
 376 k
 nss-softokn-freebl                 x86_64 3.77.0-1.fc35         updates 
 323 k
 nss-sysinit                        x86_64 3.77.0-1.fc35         updates   
20 k
 nss-util                           x86_64 3.77.0-1.fc35         updates   
88 k
 ostree                             x86_64 2022.2-1.fc35         updates 
 229 k
 ostree-libs                        x86_64 2022.2-1.fc35         updates 
 424 k
 perl-CPAN                          noarch 2.33-1.fc35           updates 
 557 k
 pipewire                           x86_64 0.3.50-1.fc35         updates   
39 k
 pipewire-alsa                      x86_64 0.3.50-1.fc35         updates   
62 k
 pipewire-jack-audio-connection-kit x86_64 0.3.50-1.fc35         updates 
 135 k
 pipewire-libs                      x86_64 0.3.50-1.fc35         updates 
 1.5 M
 python3-tqdm                       noarch 4.64.0-1.fc35         updates 
 132 k
 rsync                              x86_64 3.2.3-9.fc35          updates 
 388 k
 systemd                            x86_64 249.11-1.fc35         updates 
 4.1 M
 systemd-libs                       x86_64 249.11-1.fc35         updates 
 603 k
 systemd-networkd                   x86_64 249.11-1.fc35         updates 
 523 k
 systemd-pam                        x86_64 249.11-1.fc35         updates 
 323 k
 systemd-resolved                   x86_64 249.11-1.fc35         updates 
 266 k
 systemd-udev                       x86_64 249.11-1.fc35         updates 
 1.8 M
 tzdata                             noarch 2022a-2.fc35          updates 
 432 k
 xorg-x11-xinit                     x86_64 1.4.0-14.fc35         updates   
55 k
Installing dependencies:
 botan2                             x86_64 2.18.2-1.fc35         updates 
 1.9 M
 minizip                            x86_64 3.0.2-4.fc35          fedora   
 70 k
 perl-Digest-SHA1                   x86_64 2.13-34.fc35          fedora   
 52 k
 perl-Module-Signature              noarch 0.87-5.fc35           fedora   
 82 k

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