I can access But not cloudflare.com.

On Saturday, 28 May 2022 at 23:17:34 UTC+3 M wrote:

According the doc, you don't need to do that.
Firewall policy which is see with qvm-firewall sys-firewall:
0. tcp 443
1. dns
2. icmp
3. drop

I still can't solve the problem.
On Wednesday, 25 May 2022 at 07:18:35 UTC+3 sv...@svensemmler.org wrote:

On 5/24/22 08:36, M wrote:
sys-firewall - limit traffic to * on TCP port 443.
I tried ping google from sys-net and sys-firewall terminal.
 From sys-net domain+ip went through, sys-firewall only ip.

Don't set firewall rules directly on sys-firewall. Set them instead on the AppVMs that connect through sys-firewall.

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