On 6/15/22 10:47, Andrew David Wong wrote:
On 6/15/22 3:35 AM, Stumpy wrote:
My computer started freezing up recently and I had origonally thought (as it is pretty old) that it was dying. I then realized that it *seems* to be an appvm, or something within this appvm that is crashing the computer as, so far, the computer has not crashed if i dont have the appvm open.

My question(s) are, I thought appvms or apps in them where "contained" so couldnt crash a whole system? and, are there some logs that can help figure out what is happening?


It is possible that running a resource-intensive process inside of an app qube could cause an old or poorly-ventilated computer to crash. (For example, it's common for dust to accumulate on CPU heat sinks after years of operation, causing thermal limits to be reached even under normal workloads.) If this is the case, everything could still be properly "contained" from a security perspective and nothing malicious need be afoot. It could just be that the underlying hardware is failing under load, which often manifests as spontaneous hard reboots.

This is just one possibility to consider.

If a cpu intensive task can do that then that might be the problem. My setup is old, but i keep it pretty clean so dust/overheating seems less likely. It is my "multimedia" appvm that I have sshfs'd to a network drive playing music on a win app via wine, which doesnt seem super intensive but xentop tells me otherwise. The thing is, I have had this setup for years and it hasnt been a problem until now?

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