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Hi Michał,

I am trying to keep the BIOS field as short as possible. Could you explain please why "Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI) v1.0.0" is an "entirely different version" from "Dasharo v1.0.0"?

I've previously left "Dasharo (coreboot+UEFI) v0.4.0" unchanged in the case of the MS-7D25 reported by @renehoj. So there is definitely an inconsistency here that needs addressing. I've shortened BIOS entries for "Heads" to just it and the relevant version number for the same reason many times.

Why is the "(coreboot+UEFI)" part important / not redundant? Isn't Dasharo an UEFI implementation on top of coreboot?

Dasharo isn't only an UEFI implementation. It may come in various other flavors like (coreboot+SeaBIOS) or (coreboot+heads), etc. More information about the versioning can be found here:

Secondly inconsistency in the BIOS version naming on the HCL site could introduce confusion or doubts if it is really the same firmware.

In any case, I made the change you requested but would appreciate some background if you could.


Thank you.

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Michał Żygowski
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