On Mon, Jul 11, 2022 at 05:14:05AM -0700, MUT wrote:
> I want to try creating maybe a standalone VM that would mount a partition 
> on my hard drive which has a seperate os installed on it as its root, and 
> use that as a VM. Effectively that would let you use the second OS you have 
> installed on a computer besides Qubes as a VM in qubes. I searched around 
> the web to see if someone has done it, but couldn't find anything. 
> I'd be very thankful for any help or advice regarding that, will post some 
> updates after I actually try it.
I'm surprised you couldn't find anything on this.
You want to create a block device using the other partition and use it
in place of the standalone root.
You can customise the standalone definition or do some jiggery pokery
to get it running.
I hacked about with this and will look out my notes.

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