On Mon, Jul 11, 2022 at 11:47:19AM -0700, Howard Chen wrote:
> I need help to build the qubes core agent tools for the new OS that called 
> LinuxFX. Here is the story.
> I stumped across the YT for other Linux OS that functions similar to 
> Windows. This OS that was introduced to me by a YouTuber goes by "Linux For 
> Everyone" with a video called "This Linux OS Looks EXACTLY Like Windows 
> 10!" This video talks about this OS that I am working with and will 
> implemented into Qubes if I can do it. The question is: How to create an 
> ISO file in qubes? 
I'm not clear what you are asking.
Do you want to build the core agent tools? Read the docs on
qubes-builder. LinuxFX is based on Ubuntu so you can probably use the
Ubuntu tools as is.
Do you want to build a template? Treat it as a flavor of Ubuntu, so you
build (e.g) focal+linuxfx.

If you want to create a Qubes based on LinuxFX instead of Fedora, then
that's far more difficult. You'll need to build all the components for
An alternative would be to use Fedora as dom0, and try to implement
LinuxFX as sys-gui.
Whatever your aim you should read the docs on building.

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