As a side note. After installing 4.1 running with xfce like I did on 4.0 I have the entire interface darkified except Qubes Manager, it will not go dark. I do however have Qubes Manager darkified on my 4.0 install but I cannot remember specifically how I did it. I have a faint memory that I tried KDE on 4.0 which does make Qube Manager dark but later I removed KDE from 4.0 however Qubes Manager remained dark. Any ideas?

I can confirm that installing KDE, and darkifying it, makes Qubes Manager go dark when logged in with xfce DM. I wonder if there is a better way of getting Qubes Manager to go dark on xfce without installing KDE?

I tried to make Qubes Manager dark the same way i use on my Debian templates where i have Qt applications running like Krusader by installing qt5ct and qt-qt5styleplugin (on Debian it is qt5-style-plugins) but alas like on Fedora templates this method does not work on Dom0 either.

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