Qubes wrote:
How does one overcome the problem of the user used to write to a network share?

In broader explanation. Say for example i connect to a network share

sudo mount -o username=testuser //my-server/dir /home/user/testmount

the share mounts and i can browse the file system but i cannot write to it because the write is made with the user "user" that logs onto the booted VM automatically with an unknown possibly empty password. This causes the write fail because the user "testuser" must make the write.

Now on R4.0 i could make the mount with the noperm option

sudo mount -o username=testuser,noperm //my-server/dir /home/user/testmount

Doing it like this worked 100%. When i wrote a file to the share it applied the ACLs on the share to the file being written to the share. Something in 4.1 is causing this to fail.

Can anybody give me any pointers?

Is it perhaps possible in 4.1 to specify the user that is used to automatically log into a VM?

To add to this, perhaps a hint in the right direction. If i create a file from cli on the network share, mounted with the "noperm" option, and i edit and save it with vi it works as expected.

sudo mount -o username=testuser,noperm //my-server/dir /home/user/testmount
cd /home/user/testmount/
touch testperm2.txt
vi testperm2.txt
i can edit and save the file and when i check the network share ACLs are correct.

Which means the problem is with Gnome Text Editor that i use for all of my note taking.

Is there someone that can help me understand this problem? I know gedit creates a temporary file that it does the edits it and then writes that to disk. I suspect the problem lies here but i have no idea how to address it. Specifically it wasn't a problem on R4.0.

Is it possible that something in R4.1 has changed the behavior here?

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