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I have noticed than when my computer wakes up from sleep the dom0 date and time updates as soon as my computer gets net connectivity, but my appVMs can take a loooooong time before their date and time also update. Is there any explanation for this and maybe a way to fix it?

Ok I can sync it manually in the appVM using `sudo qvm-sync-clock`. So the question is how can I set it to run more frequently in the appVM?

Update: When my computer wakes from sleep the appVMs never update their time. The only way is to manually run `sudo-qvm-sync-clock` or reboot the VM. Why do I see this behavior? I am sure date and time should sync everywhere automatically. Without the need, which looks to be the only solution currently, to create a small script that is executed at VM startup and it goes into a loop and runs `sudo-qvm-sync-clock` every 30 seconds.

This is a serious problem, VMs don't sync their time on 4.2. Can anybody provide meaningful input?

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