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On Thu, May 04, 2023 at 05:01:38AM -0700, Andrew David Wong wrote:
On 5/3/23 4:02 AM, Qubes wrote:
I have noticed on Fedora, the cli prompt itself is not colourful although the 
rest of the output is. Is there a way to get the prompt itself in colour as 
well? The prompt on Debian is in colour, it makes it easier to find things when 
the prompt is in colour aswell.

Since this is not a Qubes-specific question, you might have better luck 
searching the web for how to do this in Fedora (or Linux in general) or asking 
in a Fedora (or general Linux) venue.

I wonder if this *is* Qubes specific, as it is stated that the Debian
prompt is in color. (Implicit, I think, is the suggestion that the color
matches the window decorations.)
OP - is that what you see? That the prompt is consistent with the window
decoration set by Qubes?

No the colour of the prompt does not follow the window decoration, I was wondering if this isn't maybe a problem only on Fedora on Qubes and not Fedora in general. I don't have a Fedora standalone I can check on. I just found it odd that the prompt on Debian would be in colour (Green, and it is real easy to find in between a lot of other output) and on Fedora it is the same colour as the text you type. But as I was re-reading my reply here I just had another look over and I just discovered that the prompt on some of the Fedora VMs is in colour, also a bright green, and some of them are default text colour. So in essense it doesn't have anything to do with Qubes. I am a little confused though because I can swear some of the VMs that I previously check where the prompt was the default text colour now has a colourful prompt. (head scratch head scratch)

I do see this in .bashrc on Debian and there is nothing of it in .bashrc on Fedora. There is in fact a lot of stuff in .bashrc on Debian that is not there on Fedora.



# set a fancy prompt (non-color, unless we know we "want" color)
case "$TERM" in
    xterm-color|*-256color) color_prompt=yes;;

# uncomment for a colored prompt, if the terminal has the capability; turned
# off by default to not distract the user: the focus in a terminal window
# should be on the output of commands, not on the prompt

if [ -n "$force_color_prompt" ]; then
    if [ -x /usr/bin/tput ] && tput setaf 1 >&/dev/null; then
        # We have color support; assume it's compliant with Ecma-48
        # (ISO/IEC-6429). (Lack of such support is extremely rare, and such
        # a case would tend to support setf rather than setaf.)


I have copied it over to .bashrc on Fedora and uncommented `force_color_prompt=yes` but it makes no difference.

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