Andrew David Wong:
On 5/12/23 4:31 AM, 'taran1s' via qubes-users wrote:
If anon-whonix AppVM is set to use mullvad-VPN that is connected to sys-whonix 
it doesn't connect to internet. If one uses Debian or Fedora based AppVM and 
runs vanilla Firefox, it works like a breeze.

Any ideas how to solve this?

I think that's by design. Whonix does that to protect you from accidentally 
compromising your own privacy.

Thank you for the answer Patrick. It is possible. The question is how does one use VPN over Tor in this case with Torbrowser that doesn't compromise the privacy (see the use case below please).

The use case is to connect to a service like Twitter that is not Tor friendly from a static non-tor IP address (VPN), but at the same time hide my real IP address from the VPN provider by using Tor before I connect to the VPN.

Some services, like Twitter even if they have onion site keep forcing me to reset password periodically, reminding me that there is a suspicious behavior (just by connecting from Tor, not even posting anything) in an endless loop.

I would like to use the anon-whonix-twitter AppVM Torbrowser specifically for connection to that particular account only and nothing else, no other apps or even websites ever used in that anon-whonix-twitter AppVM.

Do you have any advice how to enable Torbrowser in the anon-whonix-twitter to work in the VPN over Tor scenario?

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