I am just trying my luck here with an issue that i have been unable to resolve on my Qubes system for a long time now. I have been looking into this problem quite a bit but i cannot seem to find a solution anywhere. Perhaps someone on this list has experienced the same and has found a solution.

When i open a text file that is located on a network share with gedit, gedit is unable to save the file. When I click the save button, or `Ctrl + s`, i can see gedit creates a temporary file named ".goutputstream-AO9U51" on the network share and in gedit i get a message "Could not create a backup file while saving "/home/user/data/test/file-name.txt"". If i launch gedit from cli i see a message on cli when saving the file "Hit unhandled case 27 (Error renaming temporary file: Resource temporarily unavailable) in parse_error."

I definitely have permissions on the network share as i can copy files to it, delete, create directories, etc. I can also open a LibreOffice document and save it. The problem appears to be specific to gedit. Also, it happens with both a Fedora and Debian based VM.

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