Hi Andreas,

What was the rationale for this commit?

commit 19ce60a19ac87230e05603e2ca31030d8b3143ad
Author: Andreas Gruenbacher
Date:   Tue Mar 25 23:15:37 2008 +0000

    - Assume patches are in unified format by default when applying
      them. (For working with other patch formats, make sure to remove
      "--unified" from QUILT_PATCH_OPTS in ~/.quiltrc or

GNU patch should detect the format of patch files automatically. Having
--unified passed unconditionally by default breaks the use of quilt
with other patch formats. I just received a bug report about it:


I am just discovering about that default setting in /etc/quilt.quiltrc,
I had no idea it was there. In fact I'm surprised nobody complained
about it before. Most probably this is because ~/.quiltrc
overrides /etc/quilt.quiltrc completely and many quilt users have such
a file (including myself.)

Can we please remove this setting and just let GNU patch detect patch

Jean Delvare
SUSE L3 Support

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