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On Mon, Feb 12, 2018 at 09:31:25AM +0000, Felix Buettner wrote:
> I am within the student group (KTH) who is working on issue #3020.
> Well, I tried to do some tests with tox and I get an error which says
> that the QtWebEngine is not set properly. I can run the main tool
> without any problems, but I get the error that I have to change the
> backend engine to the QtWebEngine in the config.py file, but I cant
> find the respective entry.

Hmm, that error message is a bit unfortunate. Those end-to-end tests
work by running qutebrowser in a subprocess, so you get the error output
of that qutebrowser instance. It's using a temporary config though, so
changing your config.py won't actually help.

qutebrowser supports two backends, QtWebKit and QtWebEngine, with
QtWebEngine being the default for "normal" runs. However, the testsuite
runs with QtWebKit by default as that's much faster for the kind of
workload the tests are.

Ideally the tests would realize that and fall back to running with
QtWebEngine, as documented in this issue:

There are three things you can do instead:

- Install QtWebKit to run the tests with that.
- Add "--qute-bdd-webengine" after the "--" (or after your test path) to
  force the tests to use QtWebEngine.
- Do "tox -e py36-pyqt59" instead, which will download a pre-built PyQt
  from PyPI (Python's package index) and run the tests with QtWebEngine.

> which I get when I try to run
> "sudo tox -e py36 -- tests/end2end/features/test_backforward_bdd.py"

Why are you running tox with sudo? You probably shouldn't.

> By the way, you are from Switzerland? I speak German as well, so feel
> free to answer in German!

Indeed! Still answering in English though, as there are other people on
the mailinglist who don't speak German ;-)


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