Michael Keyes <mgke...@vigovproductions.net> writes:

> I wonder if it would be possible to make a version of the "tsu" binding
> that automatically reverts after five minutes or so? I tried my hand at
> making a userscript to that effect, but the way I did it feels kind of
> hacky (not in a good way!). Still, even without the timeout, it's a
> great feature to have by default!

If you wanted to continue down the userscript path (rather than the
:later path), you might want to take a look at a userscript I created
which sets js to enabled temporarily. It probably only works on linux
though, but it has the advantage that 'rerunning' the userscript just
gives you more time, rather than potentially causing background
processes changing the value at random times.


Mine toggles the global value, but I think it's a good starting point
nonetheless. Good luck! :)


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