I just released qutebrowser v1.3.1 which fixes a couple more issues
(mostly with Qt 5.11):

- Work around a bug in Qt 5.11 where only the top/bottom half of the
  window is used. This workaround is incomplete, but fixes the majority
  of the cases where this happens.
- Work around keyboard focus issues with Qt 5.11.
- Work around an issue in Qt 5.11 where e.g. activating JavaScript
  per-domain needed a manual reload in some cases.
- Don’t crash when a ² key is pressed (e.g. on AZERTY keyboards).
- Don’t crash when a tab is opened and quickly closed again.

So, yeah, Qt 5.11 is... difficult. Let's hope most of those bugs will go
away fully in Qt 5.11.1. :-/

I'll try to follow up with better workarounds soon (probably somewhen
next week), but I'd still appreciate if distributions shipping Qt 5.11
upgraded ASAP (it should be a trivial version bump), as the issues are
quite annoying.



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