I'm happy to announce I just released qutebrowser v1.4.0. This release
comes with a lot of new features, and (hopefully) full compatibility
with Qt 5.11.1 and PyQt 5.11.2.

Notably, the web inspector now works without
--enable-webengine-inspector (and without needing to listen on a local
port) on Qt 5.11, third-party cookies are blocked by default on Qt 5.11
(and the `content.cookies.accept` setting works on QtWebEngine), and
various other privacy-related settings were added.

Note that 32-bit support for Windows was dropped, as a consequence of
QtWebEngine doing the same (as Chromium only supports 32-bit with MSVC
2017, but Qt's official binaries are not built with that). I could
release a build based on Qt 5.10, but that means an outdated Qt/Chromium,
so I'd rather not, as I suspect many people downloading the 32-bit
builds actually have a 64-bit OS. Let me know if you need a 32-bit build
though, so I can have an idea of how needed it actually is.

Full changelog:


- Support for the bundled `sip` module in PyQt 5.11 and other changes in
  Qt/PyQt 5.11.x.
- New `--debug-flag log-requests` to log requests to the debug log for
- New `--first` flag for `:hint` (bound to `gi` for inputs) which automatically
  selects the first hint.
- New `input.escape_quits_reporter` setting which can be used to avoid
  accidentally quitting the crash reporter when pressing escape.
- New `qute-lastpass` userscript which uses the LastPass CLI to fill passwords.
- The Makefile now installs a `/usr/share/metainfo/qutebrowser.appdata.xml` 
- QtWebEngine: Support for printing from webpages via `window.print`.
- QtWebEngine: Support for muting tabs:
  * New `{audio}` field for `window.title_format` and `tabs.title.format` which
    displays `[M]`/`[A]` for muted/recently audible tabs.
  * New `:tab-mute` command (bound to `<Alt-m>`) to mute/unmute a tab.
- QtWebEngine: Support for `content.cookies.accept` with third-party cookies
  blocked by default (requires Qt 5.11).
- QtWebEngine: New settings:
  * Support for requesting persistent storage via
    `navigator.webkitPersistentStorage.requestQuota` with a new
    `content.persistent_storage` setting (requires Qt 5.11).
    This setting also supports URL patterns.
  * Support for registering custom protocol handlers via
    `navigator.registerProtocolHandler` with a new
    `content.register_protocol_handler` setting (requires Qt 5.11).
    This setting also supports URL patterns.
  * Support for WebRTC screen sharing with a new `content.desktop_capture`
    setting (requires Qt 5.10).
    This setting also supports URL patterns.
  * New `content.autoplay` setting to enable/disable automatic video playback
    (requires Qt 5.10).
  * New `content.webrtc_public_interfaces_only` setting to only expose public
    interfaces over WebRTC (requires Qt 5.9.2 or 5.11).
  * New `content.canvas_reading` setting to disable reading from canvas


- The following settings now support URL patterns:
  * `content.headers.do_not_track`
  * `content.headers.custom`
  * `content.headers.accept_language`
  * `content.headers.user_agent`
  * `content.ssl_strict`
  * `content.geolocation`
  * `content.notifications`
  * `content.media_capture`
- The Windows/macOS releases now bundle Qt 5.11.1 which is based on
  Chromium 65.0.3325.151 with security fixes up to Chromium 67.0.3396.87.
- New short flags for commandline arguments: `-B` and `-T` for `--basedir` and
  `--temp-basedir`; `-d` and `-D` for `--debug` and `--debug-flag`.
- Deleting history items via `:history-clear` or `:completion-item-del` now
  also removes that URL from QtWebEngine's visited links.
- There's now completion for commands taking a variable count of arguments
  (like `:config-cycle`).
- QtWebEngine: On Qt 5.11.1, no reloads are needed anymore when switching
  between pages with changed settings (e.g. `content.javascript.enabled`).
- The `qt.force_software_rendering` setting changed from a boolean to taking
  different values (`software-opengl`, `qt-quick` and `chromium`) for different
  kinds of software rendering workarounds.
- On Qt 5.11, using wayland with QtWebEngine is now possible when using
  software rendering.
- GreaseMonkey scripts now get their own global scope (based on the page's
  one), which allows scripts like OneeChan to work.
- Rapid hinting is now supported with the `yank` and `yank-primary` targets,
  copying newline-separated links.
- QtWebEngine: On Qt 5.11, the developer tools (inspector) can now be used
  securely and without requiring the `--enable-webengine-inspector` option.
- The `<Enter>` key (`:follow-selected`) now follows the currently focused
  element if there's no selection.
- The `--logfilter` argument now can be prepended with an exclamation mark
  (e.g. `--logfilter '!init,destroy'`) to invert the filter.
- `:view-source` now has a `--pygments` flag which uses the "old" way of
  rendering sources even with QtWebEngine.
- Improved error messages when a setting needs a newer Qt version.
- QtWebEngine: Various improvements to make the cursor more visible in caret
- When a prompt is opened in insert/passthrough mode, the mode is restored
  after closing the prompt.
- On Qt 5.10 or newer, dictionaries are now read from the qutebrowser data
  directory (e.g. `~/.local/share/qutebrowser`) instead of `/usr/share/qt`.
  Existing dictionaries are copied over.
- If an error while parsing `~/.netrc` occurs, the cause of the error is now
- On Qt 5.9 or newer, certificate errors now show Chromium's detailed error
- Greasemonkey scripts now support a "@qute-js-world" tag to run them in a
  different JavaScript context.


- Various subtle keyboard focus issues.
- The security fix in v1.3.3 caused URLs with ampersands
  (`www.example.com?one=1&two=2`) to send the wrong arguments when clicked on
  the `qute://history` page.
- Crash when opening a PDF page with PDF.js enabled (on QtWebKit), but no
  PDF.js installed.
- Crash when closing a tab shortly after opening it.


- No prebuilt binaries for 32-bit Windows are supplied anymore. This is due to
  Qt removing QtWebEngine support for those upstream. It might be possible to
  distribute 32-bit binaries again with Qt 5.12 in December, but that will only
  happen if it turns out enough people actually need 32-bit support.
- `:tab-detach` which has been deprecated in v1.1.0 has been removed.
- The `content.developer_extras` setting got removed. On QtWebKit, developer
  extras are now automatically enabled when opening the inspector.



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