I've just released qutebrowser v1.4.1 which fixes a CSRF vulnerability on the
qute://settings page.

The vulnerability allowed websites to change qutebrowser settings, potentially
leading to arbitrary code execution via settings such as `editor.command`.

See the separate security announcement for details:

Other bugfixes in this release:

- Rare crash when an error occurs in downloads.
- Newlines are now stripped from the :version pastebin URL.
- There's a new `mkvenv-pypi-old` environment in `tox.ini` which installs an
  older Qt, which is needed on Ubuntu 16.04.
- Worked around a Qt issue which redirects to a `chrome-error://` page when
  trying to use U2F.
- The `link_pyqt.py` script now works correctly with PyQt 5.11.
- The Windows installer now uninstalls the old version before installing the
  new one, fixing issues with qutebrowser not starting after installing v1.4.0
  over v1.3.3.

Sorry for the trouble!


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