I'm happy to announce that I just released qutebrowser v1.4.2 which
mostly consists of bugfixes:


- The `content.xss_auditing` setting is now enabled by default, to mirror
  Chromium's rather than Qt's default behavior.
- Long URLs in the statusbar are now elided at the end rather than in the
  middle, to make sure the hostname is completely visible whenever possible.


- Crash in Qt 5.7.1 when a website uses `window.print()`.
- The workaround for Nouveau graphic drivers now works properly again.
- Crash when using `:follow-selected` with a link which is outside of the view.
- Workaround for windows not showing as urgent with some window managers
  (like i3).
- Crash when opening URLs with some unicode characters (IDNA 2008). Those URLs
  still won't open though, due to missing support in Qt.
- Crash when a download directory which can't be created is configured.
- Crash in the `importer.py` script when importing Chrome bookmarks from newer 
Chrome versions.
- The `content.webrtc_public_interfaces_only` option didn't work on Qt 5.11 
previously (it now does).
  Note it still does not work on Qt 5.10 (due to a Qt bug) and Qt < 5.9.2.
- Repeated escaping of entries in `qute://log` when refreshing page.
- The host blocker doesn't block anymore.
- Crash when using :// as URL pattern.
- The `:buffer` completion now sorts tabs with indices >= 10 correctly again.


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