For some reason, your issue got deleted/dropped by github.

Have you seen :navigate next? It should help for this particular case.

I do think that :repeat-command when called on a hint should try to click the
same link (instead of just starting hinting again), but I'm not sure how
feasable finding a similar hint would be.

Christopher Geiger writes:

> It would be nice if certain hint labels were preserved when moving from page 
> to page.
> For example, if I were navigating Github issues and I fired the hint `gk` for 
> `next page`, then on the following page, the label for the `next page` hint 
> should also be `gk`.
> A more involved implementation of this would be to create a priority queue 
> for frequently followed hints. For example, hints corresponding to text such 
> as `next page`, `previous page`, `go`, `search`, `run`, etc. should receive 
> easier to type labels, such as `fff` and `ggg`, as opposed to sequential 
> label generation (which might lead to frequently typed hints recieving 
> difficult to type labels).

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