While trying to test the use of an external editor, I tried commands
such as :edit-url. I got errors such as

    Error while spawning editor: The process failed to start.

I tried using different editors (visual or text based) running qutebrowser as

    EDITOR=/usr/bin/emacs qutebrowser


    VISUAL=/usr/bin/emacs qutebrowser

using other editors beyond emacs and the result was the same error. I
did check using a command such as

    :debug-pyeval os.environ["VISUAL"]

that the VISUAL, EDITOR and PATH environment variables were correctly
set and visible from qutebrowser. My editors run correctly from the
terminal. I can also run 

   :spawn emacs

and the editor is correctly started.

Any idea what can be wrong?

I'm running under debian/testing using xfce.

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