Luis Mochan writes:

> Thanks Jay!
> Sorry for the confusion.
> I have now tried to configure 'editor' by either writing and editor script
> in my ~/bin directory (which is in my $PATH) or by running
> update-alternatives to make a system wide change. I tried nano (the
> default, terminal oriented) and emacs (x-windows oriented) and got the
> same
>     Error while spawning editor: The process failed to start.

Have you tried configuring the editor.command setting yet? It's not clear if
you tried that or not.

> :(
> Is there a way to find out why?
> Could this be related to my previous problem (failure to print)?
> Thanks and regards,
> Luis

If you run ':messages debug', you should get a detailed log of what's going
on. Probably, it's trying to launch with the default 'gvim' command, and you
don't have gvim installed.

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