Hi there,

I hope I'm writing in the right place. My apologies if I am not. I'm trying
to use qutebrowser for viewing my video courses at Udemy on python and
nodejs programming. I'm using it in the context of split screen on a mac
with qutebrowser on the left running a video, and my Spacemacs editor on
the right.

Unfortunately, qutebrowser doesn't play the videos at all. I'm wondering if
there is some sort of plugin which I require? Is it a bug? I currently use
Firefox to view the videos, but qute is so much more lightweight and as I'm
using Spacemacs (with evil mode), it just makes more sense to use

I'd love any tips/advice/input on the matter. Thank you! And thanks for
making such a really great browser so far. :)

Nathaniel Harari

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