Usually, qutebrowser feature releases happened all two months so far.
This one took a bit longer (due to a busy semester, and some Qt 5.12
breakage), with v1.5.0 being released almost five months ago!

The main new thing is probably support for Qt 5.12, including new
features such as client certificates - but there are also a lot of
smaller things. Here's the full changelog:


- New settings:
  * `tabs.new_position.stacking` which controls whether new tabs opened from a
    page should stack on each other or not.
  * `completion.open_categories` which allows to configure which categories are
    shown in the `:open` completion, and how they are ordered.
  * `tabs.pinned.frozen` to allow/deny navigating in pinned tabs.
  * `hints.selectors` which allows to configure what CSS selectors are used for
    hints, and also allows adding custom hint groups.
  * `input.insert_mode.leave_on_load` to turn off leaving insert mode when a
    new page is loaded.
- New config manipulation commands:
  * `:config-dict-add` and `:config-list-add` to a new element to a dict/list
  * `:config-dict-remove` and `:config-list-remove` to remove an element from a
    dict/list setting.
- New `:yank markdown` feature which yanks the current URL and title in
  markdown format.
- Support for new QtWebEngine features in Qt 5.12:
  * Basic support for client certificates. Selecting the certificate to use
    when there are multiple matching certificates isn't implemented yet.
  * Support for DNS prefetching (plus new `content.dns_prefetch` setting).


- Various changes to the Windows and macOS builds:
  * Bundling Qt 5.12.1, based on Chromium 69.0.3497.128 with security fixes up
    to 71.0.3578.94.
  * Windows: A 32-bit build is available again.
  * Windows: The builds now bundle the Universal CRT DLLs, causing them to work
    on earlier versions of Windows 10.
  * macOS: Support for OS X 10.11 El Capitan was dropped, requiring macOS 10.12
    Sierra or newer.
  * macOS: The IPC socket path used to communicate with existing instances
    changed due to changes in Qt 5.12. Please make sure to quit qutebrowser
    before upgrading.
- `:q` now closes the current window instead of quitting qutebrowser completely
  (`:close`), while `:qa` quits (`:quit`). The behavior of `:wq` remains
  unchanged (`:quit --save`), as closing a window while saving the session
  doesn't make sense.
- Completion highlighting is now done differently (using `QSyntaxHighlighter`),
  which should fix some highlighting corner-cases.
- The `QtColor` config type now also understands colors like `rgb(...)`.
- `:yank` now has a `--quiet` option which causes it to not display a message.
- The `:open` completion now also shows search engines by default.
- The `content.host_blocking.enabled` setting now supports URL patterns, so the
  adblocker can be disabled on a given page.
- Elements with a `tabindex` attribute now also get hints by default.
- Various small performance improvements for hints and the completion.
- The Wayland check for QtWebEngine is now disabled on Qt >= 5.11.2, as those
  versions should work without any issues.
- The JavaScript `console` object is now available in PAC files.
- PAC proxies currently don't work properly on QtWebEngine (and never did), so
  an error is now shown when trying to configure a PAC proxy.
- The metainfo file `qutebrowser.appdata.xml` is now renamed to
- The `qute-pass` userscript now understands domains in gpg filenames
  in addition to directory names.
- The autocompletion for `content.headers.user_agent` got updated to only
  include the default and Chrome, as setting the UA to Firefox has various
  bad side-effects.
- Combining Qt 5.12 with an older PyQt can lead to issues, so a warning is
  now shown when starting qutebrowser with that combination.


- Invalid world IDs now get rejected for `:jseval` and GreaseMonkey scripts.
- When websites suggest download filenames with invalid characters, those are
  now correctly replaced.
- Invalid hint length calculation in certain rare cases.
- Dragging tabs in the tab bar (which was broken in v1.5.0)
- Using Shift-Home in command mode now works properly.
- Workaround for a Qt bug which prevented
  `content.cookies.accept = no-3rdparty` from working properly on some pages
  like GMail. However, the default for `content.cookies.accept` is still `all`
  to be in line with what other browsers do.
- `:navigate` not incrementing in anchors or queries.
- Crash when trying to use a proxy requiring authentication with QtWebKit.
- Slashes in search terms are now percent-escaped.
- When `scrolling.bar = True` was set in versions before v1.5.0, this now
  correctly gets migrated to `always` instead of `when-searching`.
- Completion highlighting now works again on Qt 5.11.3 and 5.12.1.
- The non-standard header `X-Do-Not-Track` is no longer sent.
- PAC proxies were never correctly supported with QtWebEngine, but are now
  explicitly disallowed.
- macOS: Context menus for download items now show in the correct macOS style.
- Issues with fullscreen handling when exiting a video player.
- Various fixes for Qt 5.12 issues:
  * A javascript error on page load was fixed.
  * `window.print()` works with Qt 5.12 now.
  * Fixed handling of duplicate download filenames.
  * Fixed broken `qute://history` page.
  * Fixed PDF.js not working properly.
  * The download button in PDF.js now works (it's not possible to make
    it work with earlier Qt versions).
  * Since Greasemonkey scripts modifying the DOM fail when being run at
    document-start, some known-broken scripts (Iridium, userstyles.org) are now
    forced to run at document-end.



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