Apparently the GitHub API hates me today and I had to upload the Windows files
by hand, but I'm still happy to announce that I just released v1.6.1.

There are some little bugfixes, but the most important thing is that
Windows/macOS releases ship an updated Qt with security fixes.


- Windows/macOS releases now ship with Qt 5.12.2, which includes
  security fixes up to Chromium 72.0.3626.121 (including CVE-2019-5786
  which is known to be exploited in the wild).


- Crash when using `:config-{dict,list}-{add,remove}` with an invalid setting.
- Functionality like hinting on pages with an element with ID `_qutebrowser` 
(such as qutebrowser.org) on Qt 5.12.
- The .desktop file in v1.6.0 was missing the "Actions" key, which is now fixed.
- The SVG icon now has a size of 256x256px set to comply with freedesktop 
- Setting `colors.statusbar.*.bg` to a gradient now has the expected effect of
  the gradient spanning the entire statusbar.


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