Hey, not sure if you got an answer to this, but you can do this from Chrome
Dev Tools by running the :inspector command.
Under the Network tab there's a "Disable cahce checkbox"
Note that it only works as long as you have the dev tools for the tab you
are using open.

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On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 4:25 PM Daniil Pintjuk <
daniil.pint...@modularfinance.se> wrote:

> Hi to whomever has the time to help, I am trying to use qutebrowser for
> webdevelopment. And i really need to disable the cashing of javascript and
> css files.
> I attempted to set content.cashe.applicationcashe=false.
> It does not seem to do the trick.
> hope you have any ideas.
> Best regards! Daniil Pintjuk

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