Unfortunately, the Qt 5.13 release contains a bug causing frequent segfaults on
media-heavy pages like YouTube: https://bugreports.qt.io/browse/QTBUG-76913

It's fixed in Qt 5.13.1 and Qt 5.14 already. 5.13.1 is planned to be released
August 15th.

If you're on Archlinux, make sure you're on qt5-webengine 5.13.0-2 which
includes a backported fix.

If you're using a PyPI install via tox, please pull the latest git master and
rebuild the environment (tox -e mkvenv-pypi -r). I pushed a commit which
reverts the install to Qt 5.12 for now.

If you're on some other distribution already shipping Qt 5.13, you might want
to ask the package maintainer to include the patch:



There's also a (likely unrelated) segfault which some people report when
logging into Google Mail. I can't reproduce it, still looking for someone who
can and can provide me with a C++ stacktrace as described here:

Would be good if that one could be fixed in time for Qt 5.13.1 as well, so
please give it a try, especially if you're on Archlinux (log into
https://mail.google.com/ and follow the steps above if you get a crash).


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