Jay Kamat writes:

> Uli writes:
> > pkg_resources.DistributionNotFound: The 'qutebrowser==0.5.0'
> > distribution was not found and is required by the application
> This seems like a packaging issue with artix. I can't seem to find a proper
> listing of their packages, but I can't find any mention of artix at
> http://www.github.com/artix-linux/packages/ , so I can only assume it's not
> packaged.

Thanks for your Answer.

In the migration process one just replace some init packages. Its not a 
complete new installation.

artix uses archlinux packages wherever they (artix) dont change anything. In 
the /etc/pacman.conf one
specifies first the artix repositories and below the archlinux repositories.
Packages are normally compatible. artix just replaces those packages which 
depend on systemd.

And therefore of course i have installed the archlinux qutebrowser package. :-)

Have you any idea why __init__.py says that its not found even if it is 
installed as before? Where does
it look for this information?


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