Hey Juan,

On Sun, Sep 22, 2019 at 12:24:10PM +0000, Jose wrote:
> After browsing the help menu I added the line:
> config.bind('<Mod4>', nop')
> to my config.py file but it does not work.

I'm not sure how Qt calls the key. Try <Menu>. If that doesn't work, you can
run "python3 -m scripts.keytester" in the qutebrowser repository to find out.

I'm also a bit surprised that the key gets to qutebrowser at all if you bould
it in i3. At least with my window manager (herbstluftwm), bound keys don't get
through to applications.

> In the end I had a look to the key binding cheatsheet and the space assigned
> to that key is empty, so I deduced that that key should not be mapped at all.

qutebrowser doesn't interpret it, but Qt does (with the default
input.forward_unbound_keys = auto). Similar to keys like cursor keys, space,
tab, etc.

> And here I am, sorry for bothering anybody with a such a silly question.

Neither silly nor bothering! :)


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