Hi Juan,

Many thanks for your email. I will have a look at your MIDI files and see what 
I find.

Before I look at the code though, I will confirm that QWS works on beats, being 
quarter notes (crotchets) and so playback and various other things currently 
always work on this level of granularity.

Your "half beat" is a result of a single bar of 5/8 time - which, if I may, 
does seem a rather irregular time signature.

One work around for this particular problem would be to double the lengths of 
all the notes, using the Time Expand Tool, applied to all tracks, using 200%. 
Then set your time signatures to 6/4 and 5/4 etc. Then you will be able to work 
much more comfortably for the editing. Then reverse these changes for 
production into sheet music.

As for the metronome problem you report, I will have to look into this when I 
do some more coding. Please remind me about this.

I hope this helps.

With best regards,


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Subj: QWS List [qws] metronome and odd time signature bug

Hi, so I normally use qws nowadays for previewing sheet music I've
written. Rarely for editing midi, but it does help me somewhat when I
want to know exactly which bar I had made a misstake on, ETC. However,
there is this bug, if you will, that I find incredibly irritating,
especially when dealing on time signatures other than 3/4, 4/4, 2/2,
ETC. Try this and see for yourself:

1. Start with a midi file in 6/8 time, for one bar
2. On the next bar, insert a time signature change to 5/8
3. On the next bar, insert a time signature change on 6/8
4. Notice how the metronome for some odd reason, has to mark one more
eight note or one less eight note and does not keep on the real 6/8
change. And, whats even worse, if you try to set a marker (whether its
a number marker or a left or right one right on where the downbeat of
the 6/8 of that third bar should be,) the midi file starts playing
just before that first downbeat and thus there is no clear or even
precise way of editing or making the midi file sound right! I am
attaching a minimal example here, and the track that has the global
time sig. changes is the one without a midi channel number

Juan Pablo Bello
Cel. 313-879-2884

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