Hey James,

Thanks for clarifying this. The reason why I thought it was Win10 specific, is that I never experienced this on Windows 8.1 and before while using the exact same steps. But, using enter works like a charm as well here.

On 7-8-2017 10:01, JAMES BOWDEN wrote:
Hi Leonard,

Many thanks for your email and now I see the problem. It is very helpful that
you included exact steps to replicate the problem.

In fact, this is nothing to do with Windows 10.

The reason I did not spot this before, is because you are using a slightly
curious way to edit. I will look into why this is happening.

In the meantime, please use the simpler way to edit, just press Enter instead
of Alt+E.

I trust this helps.

With best regards,


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Dear James and others,

@James: I think I reported this earlier to you privately, but I'm afraid
I never came back to it. Here is a report on the list for other's to
investigate as well.

On my windows 10 pc, when I change parameters in the note editor such as
the length of a note and I try to exit the length modal dialog with
either enter or escape or just one of the buttons, it seems the dialog
doesn't close properly. I have to click the dialog with the mouse to
give it the focus again, and have to close it once again to get back
into the note editor. Here is a short list of steps to reproduce:

1. Open a file and focus a track with notes

2. Press ctrl+k to focus the note editor

3. Select a note and press l

4. Press alt+e to edit the particular notes length

5. Press enter. The note is played with the new value

6. NVDA Reports: Note editor dialog unavailable. I can't get out of the
note editor by normal means, the length dialog still seems open
according to NVDA's objet navigation

7. When i Click the note dialog, it gets focus again, and I can either
close it with enter or escape. After that, I can return to adjusting
additional notes.

Are there others who experience this?

Kind regards,


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