Dear Marc
I remember having exactly the same crash! I tried to wrok virtual on a mac and 
with windows xp.
I changed to windows 7 in vmware and that solved the problem.
Although it should also work under XP it didn't.
I was so happy that it worked with windows 7 that I never  did more research.
From then on (4 years) it works fantastic!

Bert van den Brink
Brink Productions
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4061 BH Ophemert
Telephone: +31654785316
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On Aug 12, 2017, at 5:24 PM, Marc Andersen <> wrote:

> Hi,
> When I open a file in qws on my virtual xp and start to play it, it just 
> plays a beat of it and then it crashes and I have to reset the entire machine.
> Do you know what that could be?
> I have attached an example file to show it, my screen reader says the list 
> box after I open the song and then I press the space bar, and as you can hear 
> it just plays a beat and crashes.
> I hope someone can help.
> Regards,
> Marc Andersen
> <example.mp3>

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