Your safest bet is to use a GM, GM2, GS, or XG instrument layout. These 
translate well to other stuff.
If you're going to build your MIDI in any sequencer and port it in to notation 
software you'll want to make sure you do all the processing on the sequencer 
side, otherwise you might get some strange note and rest values. Record slow, 
with the metronome on, quantize 100% and also do the same with your note 
durations, and make sure you're playing in concert pitch with no octave 
shifting for the notation to have as much as possible done for it going in. 
That'll save you loads of frustration with the import. Some information won't 
be translated, and notation programs tend to be fiddly about articulations and 
dynamics, so you'll either want to take care of those yourself (if you're using 
Sibelius Access or something else accessible) or get a sighted individual to 
mark up your notation with the music you want. (hint -- notes aren't the music, 
they're what the music refers to) You'll want to make sure to delete the MIDI 
layer when you get things imported, otherwise you won't hear exactly what the 
notation software is playing. (Easy to miss things like that)
I've done a lot of this in the past. Doing the clean-up before the import into 
the notation program can save hours of work.

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I am creating a project for Music Theory where we're composing for three 
instrumentalists, and a printed score is required. I thought I'd record the 
MIDI data first in QWS and then open it in a notation software to convert it. 
My question is: I will be playing the music on my keyboard, but after I've 
recorded all the tracks, how do I convert the properties so they can be read 
and played by any device, not just my own keyboard with its own unique sounds 
(these will be conventional instrument sounds but every keyboard is slightly 
different). I'd like to know how to do this so I can make it readable on any 
synth and MIDI related software. Please tell me what I should do about this.
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