Sometimes. Most notation programs prefer port 1. Use standard General MIDI 
program numbers and they should get the stave titles right, though they often 
will default to your track title. (I know Finale does this and has dating back 
to Finale 3.0, and I'm pretty sure Sibelius does as well) Remember that MIDI 
and standard mensural notation are different musical languages, and in some 
cases there is no translation between the two -- MIDI doesn't have key 
signatures while ports mean nothing on a score. You never hear a conductor say, 
"Violins on port 2, play the passage between measures 33-64 again." And there 
is no program change command in mensural notation. They're useful, but only in 
playback in the notation software, not in the ensemble. (Actually, that's not 
exactly true, as you sometimes encounter program changes in keyboard parts, but 
not for acoustic instruments)

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Thank you for all of this advice. I'm usually very straightforward with this 
stuff, and if the instrumentalists need to change something themselves they can 
indicate that. What I meant was, when you record with an external keyboard your 
ports are whatever, but how do you make it so it doesn't always have to play on 
that keyboard, for example, so it can play on the Microsoft synth or the synths 
in notation programs?
After you save your music do you have to change the track properties so they 
can be played anywhere?
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