We noticed that these error messages were changed to include the name of the 
function that causes them:
> { x<-c(1,2); x[[c("a", "b")]] }
old: “Error in x[[c("a", "b")]] : attempt to select more than one element”
new: “Error in x[[c("a", "b")]] : attempt to select more than one element in 

This is the relevant change:

I don’t think that a user of R is supposed to know the difference between, 
e.g., integerOneIndex and get1index, so this will confuse, rather than help, a 
user while diagnosing problems.
To be honest, this looks to me like leftover debug code...

In FastR, we try to adhere as closely as possible to GNUR in which errors are 
returned when.
Do you think that providing these “in Xyz” suffixes is important?

- Lukas
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