On 15/10/2016 5:48 AM, Kaiyin Zhong wrote:
Here is the code:

summary(c(1:5, NA))
summary(c("a", NA))

It seems in the firs case the number of NAs is reported, but not in the

Tested with R 3.3.1 on a mac.

summary() is a generic function, so the output depends on the class of the input. There's no special method for character vectors, so you get the default output. Numeric vectors show more detail.

If you want a particular behaviour for character objects, just write a summary.character method.

Here's the default:

> summary(c("a", NA))
   Length     Class      Mode
        2 character character

Here's a method and example using it:

> summary.character <- function (x, ...) { cat("this character vector has", sum(is.na(x)), " NA value(s)\n")}

> summary(c("a", NA))
this character vector has 1  NA value(s)

Duncan Murdoch

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